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Adding Slots to your Establishment

By Elite Gaming

Should you add slots to your business?

In this article we’ll take a look at if adding slots is the right move for your business. The primary reason most people add slots to their business is the extra revenue they can make from it. On average a business makes $102,000 every year from Gaming Commissions, as per 2021 IGB Annual Report.

The pie chart below shows how the revenue is broken down between the establishment(you), the terminal operator(Elite Gaming), and the state.

Revenue Breakdown

How does your location get paid?

Weekly direct deposit with STATEMENTS not invoicing sent via email.

How Much can you expect to make?

Average location makes between $7k-$10k per month.

Does it fit the existing culture?

If an extra $100,000 sounds like it’ll benefit your business the next step is to see if it can fit the existing culture of your business. You don’t want to add slots if it doesn’t fit with the overall atmosphere of your business. Luckily no matter what the atmosphere of the business is there are game room designs that can match it. Even if your business is a luxury restaurant we can design the game room to look like a high end casino, making sure the installation of slot machines doesn’t interrupt your current business and only improves it. Contact us for more information on building a game room that fits for you.

The Process

If adding slots can fit into the existing culture of your establishment the next steps include how to actually add slots into the business. Based on your village ordinances the steps can be a little different but for the most part this is the process.

I know that looks like a long process but the great thing is that Elite Gaming can handle the whole process for you with relative ease and we’ll do it all for free! We have a team of professionals ready to handle all of your licensing needs. If this sounds right for you contact us to get started on the process!

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